Wednesday, September 25, 2019


My agenda today was so unaccountable that I had to examine my diary to recall what I did.  Naturally the abnormality of my day involved nothing exotic. Eye-catching behaviour long ago ended. Rather the list of items was a trifling collection of unrelated obligations. I expect too that my focus was muddled by the news swirling about CNN, MSNBC and Fox News that the president of the United States of America faces impeachment - predictably an event of astronomic implication.  Reportedly Wall Street was reacting to the news - but strangely with less than utter disappointment. Things apparently were not however as inconclusive for the president. As several of the media reporters toxically proclaimed, it's not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end. The Democrats have at last done more than gnaw on the bone of discontent; they're now running with it. Trump meanwhile reacted like hunted prey and held a news conference wherein he displayed his characteristic madness which only succeeded to exemplify his demise and mental torture.

By coincidence one of the duties today was to renew my International Driving Permit through CAA. The clerk who handled my application was an attractive young woman from Vietnam.  She was obviously diligent and humorous, even a bit edgey.  In the course of our banter she told me she was married with two children (whose photographs she cheerfully shared).  She was educated in China and at Carleton University in Ottawa. She strengthened my long-held belief that there are those among us who are intelligent and willing to work hard.  Hers was an uplifting reaffirmation.  We smiled and shook hands upon my departure.

As I drove deliberately and intently to my dentist's office early this afternoon for a regular cleaning, I remarked that more leaves on the trees are beginning to burnish. Soon I imagined there will be a violent rain storm appropriate to a blustery autumnal day and the leaves will be blown from their tiny petioles thus rendering the trees stark, naked and apprehensive. My disposition for the moment was quite the contrary. A late breakfast of sliced green apple, two wedges of cheese, bran and a mixture of pecans and honey propelled me full flight. The air was cool enough to merit my light woollen sweater; and the prospect of having to visit CAA and afterwards collect a bottle of champagne at the LCBO was a thoroughly digestible mandate.

While the Universe does not presently revolve with a complete lack of friction it would be uncharitable of me to suggest there is anything within my sphere approaching hardship or annoyance.  As the automatic cashier at the car wash informed me today there are "20 days remaining" on my passcard which means we are literally a month from departure for the winter. The remaining medical necessities are all conversational only. We have turned the corner of investigative procedure and are now remedial or collateral only. I can't recall having had a more dutiful summer.  It has been months since I rode my bicycle. The human body in spite of its recuperative capacity does not equate to the immediacy of vehicle repair. Whether it is eyes, ears, teeth or internal organs, time is an essential ingredient to reignite the mechanics. I confess to having enjoyed the legitimacy of my indolence but I recognize the value of mobility.

Late this evening when preparing for bed I drew back the sheers and gazed down from the third floor perspective upon the ground below. The clarity of the gardens and the driving rain in the lamplight is astonishing. After all the prodding, scalpels and delicacies of various surgeons I have reappeared as a much improved carcass. I am hopeful that for the next year at least I can suffer the deprivation of repeated analytics. The current intermission is decidedly relieving.

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