Monday, September 30, 2019

Swaggering on...

I adore complacency! It is a gloating triumph which so greedily surpasses dissatisfaction! Normally the affliction arises from a smug or uncritical approval of one's achievements but in my case it is nothing but a cheerful regard of the universe, a narrow but pleasing gander at life's swirling orbit. I have unwittingly landed upon a select nexus of time and place which is utterly convenient. All the ingredients of my manufacture have coincided with welcome fortuity. The clouds evaporated in the sky; the wind surrounding the car was winsome; the sheep and alpaca in the field were sylvan; the bike trail on the former railway line was smooth and enchanting; the espresso was strong and tasteful; our trifling personal undertakings were speedily and efficiently accomplished; and even my evening meal composition is inviting!

When I remarked that so-and-so was younger than I, the retort was, "Who isn't!"  Nor does it matter! My nirvana has uplifted me far beyond such sour comments. All the more reason to fulfill those petty ambitions which from time to time percolate from within! Yes, it has been a grand day! There, I've said it again!

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