Sunday, September 8, 2019

The days are getting shorter

Unbelievably I slept until 11:45 am today! This in spite of having gone to bed around ten o'clock last night.  I shamelessly slept surprisingly well until then! My slumber was not one of those restless distortions riddled with care and concern, fearful to rise and face the world. I can only imagine that the recent evaporation of my dutiful agenda has afforded me the singular privilege of indolence - or more likely the overwhelming need to succumb to transparency at last. It is undeniable that I haven't any further biddings within my immediate sights. The only onerous tasks in the foreground are a cinema lecture, an oyster fest, a park dedication, the usual communications with pharmacist, insurance agent and accountant, routine attendances upon physician, neurologist, optometrist and dentist, notifications to Bell and Hydro, flu shots and packing.

I have already happily begun the performance of the outstanding obligations. At the coffee shop this afternoon I removed all the Canadian coins from the cupholder in the car and handed them to the barista in exchange for paper bills. Earlier I had gone to Trailhead Paddle Shack on Carling Avenue to collect two items to complete my anticipated winter wardrobe.  This sartorial interest was prompted by the cooler weather today, inspiration for a fleece and shell for windy and rainy days.

The drive home in the late afternoon setting sun was delightful!  A collection of faint grey cumulus clouds washed over the horizon.  The fields are yet replete with the season's verdant corn crop tainted by its vermillion crowns. I stopped at the Old Town Hall to relish the view of the waterfalls.

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