Friday, September 6, 2019

No more Zymar!

Though Acuvail and Pred Forte (post-surgical eye drops) continue up to four times per day for three weeks for my left eye (the second of the two operations for Refractive Lens Exchange) I have thankfully now concluded Zymar and all other drops for the right eye. Yesterday I met with the optometrist who wants to review the condition of my left eye in three weeks before recommending a magnifying strength for reading glasses which I will continue to require in spite of now having 20/20 vision for distance.  This was a deliberate choice made at the outset for two reasons: one, I have been wearing glasses since I was ten years old and they have accordingly become part of my accustomed vernacular and costume; and two, the ophthalmologist agreed that the risk of correcting distance vision only is less than attempting to resolve both distance and reading. Decades ago similar operations were considered riskier than today but I saw no need to augment the exposure.

In the meantime I had the distinct shopping delight of buying a "normal" pair of sunglasses yesterday since the reading bifocal element is not required. Adjusting to the acquaintance with 20/20 vision is gradual. It is a decidedly peculiar familiarity which pointedly contrasts with the relative blur of items positioned more closely. There is unequivocally a force which attends clear distance vision.

Paradoxically the blur of detail on up-close or approaching items was more manifest today. My inherent anxiety did nothing to diminish the impact. Similarly - after the usual commotions and frustrations - the resulting clarification transpired with far less obfuscation than anticipated. Nonetheless it is as evident that I am not adept at handling either change or novelty - though in defence I always subsequently applaud the privilege to have tackled the alteration.

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