Monday, September 2, 2019

Sequel - Technical Change

It was shortly after 2:00 pm this afternoon that I recommenced yesterday's project of a small technical alteration of a personal web site on my computer. It is now five minutes before 11:00 pm.  I stopped in between for an hour and a half for dinner.  Otherwise it has been a non-stop and largely tedious exercise.  I at least have at last the pleasure to report its completion.

There is very little if anything that turns upon my endeavour other than being illustrative of my determination to perfect insofar as possible whatever it is I undertake to do.  That is really a small complement I am bound to confess. Granted there may be a minor advance of the substance of the matter; but for the most part it was little more than a clerical enterprise. Initially - which is to say, during the middle of night last night - I contemplated erasing the entire site and starting anew.  That would have entailed the complete loss of material, some of which represented twenty years of effort.  This in itself is no reason to maintain the site - as in the past I have expunged information collated over a longer period of time - but I was feeling rather sentimental about the collection.  I further thought of printing the documentation but on analysis I could see no advantage in storing information on a bookshelf as opposed to a web site. In either case no one will give a damn in any event.

The best I can say about the ordeal is that I have cleaned up the site without poisoning the production. Given the limited scope of my employment these days that is likely all I can expect by way of reward.  Frankly it is sufficient because I certainly hadn't any other expectation.

The underlying and more significant promotion is that we have just lately entered a singularly pleasant vacuum marked by hitherto unparalleled accomplishments - at least within most recent months.  Our despondency of several weeks ago concerning our winter sojourn has thankfully been palliated most agreeably.  It is no easy matter at this late opportunity in the season to organize affairs for a six-month duration. We were quite literally scanning the geography throughout Florida, South Carolina, Texas and California to locate something suitable. The primary stumbling block - apart from the obvious issue of affordability - was the interruption of the period for prearranged short times over Thanksgiving, Christmas, March Break and Easter. Concerning other personal matters, they too have been concluded.  We now have the decided privilege of sitting on our laurels awaiting nothing more than the changing of the leaves.

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