Saturday, September 28, 2019

Saturday Cocktails

The day has been a gusty autumnal Saturday. The closest I shall approach the once celebrated evening cocktails is by listening to American jazz pianist Bill Evans. This is "You Must Believe in Spring" his seventieth studio album recorded in August 1977 and released after his death in September 1980. The album's two original songs by Evans are dedicated to his common law wife Elaine Schultz ("B Minor Waltz") and his brother Harry ("We Will Meet Again") both of whom had taken their own lives. The disconsolate theme of jazz (including the theme song from M*A*S*H - "Suicide is Painless") can nonetheless be comforting.

After yesterday's prolonged dining experience we didn't feel the necessity to put on the nosebag this morning until almost noon when we perched ourselves at the golf club for a late breakfast. Apart from dawdling golfers (those who persisted to play in the drizzle) there were few people to interrupt our purpose.  Our server distinguished herself as usual by spoiling us with attention - a beneficence we reciprocated upon our departure by distributing a small gift which she advised she would "share with the other girls in the back". There are only a few people to whom we owe particular thanks during our regular summer venture. We have now completed our gratuities for another year.

My afternoon gambit was one I do not hasten to repeat. I drove to a bakery on Bank Street in Ottawa. Though the mission was successful it was not without its perturbation. After a half century living in the country my tolerance of traffic is less than athletic. Parking too is a problem.  Accordingly it was a palpable relief to regain the rural atmosphere and my accustomed habits.

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