Monday, September 16, 2019

What was your first clue?

Inadequacy is not normally something which occurs entirely unexpectedly. There are usually clues. What makes the evolution so frustrating is that we often pig-headedly refuse to respond to those indicia of inferiority at the outset.  The reason is likely that we're hoping against the odds that things will work out - but they seldom do (at least not without a measure of penalty). Not uncommonly it is our failure to equate the primary unpleasantness with the secondary product; but the two are intertwined. Naturally by the time we accept our instinct or whatever it is that has predicted the unfavourable outcome, the damage is already done.  Thankfully the result is frequently tolerable without the refinement; but the torture of the adventure lingers painfully.

More upsetting even than incompetence is the admission that some circumstances are plainly just inferior. This admittedly is a harsh observation but no amount of Pollyanna veneer can disguise what is otherwise unpalatable. Generally I am satisfied to excuse any amount of frustration if the end result is as originally anticipated.  But there are limits.  If nothing else, it behooves one to learn from the experience and take whatever steps may be taken to adjust future conduct and communications accordingly. This can entail a complete retooling of the alliance.  To continue to make excuse for perpetual oversight is not doing anyone a favour. But the first step in an opposite direction is not easy.

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