Thursday, October 3, 2019

Don't ask!

When at last I get to what I believe is the end of my day of activity, make myself a cup of espresso coffee and position myself at my desk to review my calendar and whatever it was I intended to do throughout the day, the dilemmas of politicians and real estate agents are at the outer extreme of my compass. The incredible incompetency and inadequacy of some of those people amounts to hyperbolic intrusion in the lives of others.

It appears that the mistaken concept of labour in the minds of certain people has led them to a lifetime of ineptitude. Contrary to Mr. Nike's assertion, "Just do it!" is an insufficient narrative for success. It is by contrast my view that the exposition of excellence requires a far greater dedication to detail.  Unfortunately for the weaker minds of society the production of quality is an unglamorous undertaking. The simple task of reviewing what one has composed is seemingly an insurmountable enterprise for many.  I wouldn't mind the weakness were it not for the fact that so many of the same people presume to adopt a posture which far exceeds their failed performances.

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