Saturday, October 12, 2019

Generic RGB Profile

"Mac OS X will assume a Generic RGB colour space for legacy untagged images that may have been created with an assumed Apple RGB colour space."

It's hard to know just how to identify the perfect picture but we always know when the colour is just right! On this Thanksgiving Weekend it is not unexpected that thousands will be tooling about the countryside to capture a moment of the ephemeral autumn colours. Our own agenda is less motivated. A more earnest project this morning was the purchase of a pair of shorts which fit.  Lately I have succumbed to every wantonness possible - crusty bread and butter, pasta, gooey chocolate tarts, pecan pie, peanut butter, walnuts and honey, maple syrup and anything. It is per chance the misfortune of having lately switched to a new drug for my neuropathy that I am putting on weight but whatever the reason I cannot but align the effect with the cause - that is, not only going up to the trough but also getting into it!

My dietary miscalculations are always fraught with identical abuse. There is something insatiable about sugar, certainly.  But even given the advantages of Mr. Robert Atkins (whom one should pointedly recall is now dead) there is "weak evidence that the Atkins diet is more effective than behavioural counselling for weight loss at 6 - 12 months". More significantly for me at this juncture of my lifetime - when fad diets no longer have any but the remotest cosmetic appeal - the richness of virgin olive oil and Maldon salt are similarly waning. Quite apart from the ascetic attraction of raw fruit and vegetables I happen to appreciate the skilful deliberation of their initially faint but distinct flavours. Contaminating the production with unaltered beans or plain fish is another secret. As is fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Almond milk and bran represent the limit of gratification.

Meanwhile I have commenced the appropriation of governance by consorting with Ralph Lauren and his collection of shorts. These will undoubtedly serve as little more than a patent attempt to disguise my erstwhile disregard.  But I shall at least be able to breathe! I have as well mastered the art of putative casualness by draping streams of cotton about me. It is the privilege of the unemployed to operate solely within the scope of leisure.

The case against Donald Trump is one which continues to fascinate me. Trump, like fashion, currently enjoys the popular assertion that he represents the new wave of politics. My instinct revolts against the legitimacy of that proposition.  It is just as common for evangelists and immoderates of any other description to capture the limelight temporarily. For the moment I am more inclined to believe that Americans are slowly but gradually discovering Mr. Trump to be a low-level intellect who is increasingly indigestible - and outright embarrassing - notwithstanding his initial hilarity. One of Trump's latest public indiscretions was the accusation of the impropriety of accepting Somali immigrants in a mid-western state.  What he overlooked to account or to mention was that the immigrants - like many others including Trump's own ancestors - were legally documented and approved for admission to the United States of America.  On the other hand Trump dramatically portrayed the immigrants as illegal aliens and wittingly catered to the ignorance of the "deplorables" by suggesting the Somalis were destroying some entitlement of current residents.  This slant totally misrepresents the well documented contribution of immigrants to American society.  It is thus a discredit not only to immigrants but also to virtually all of present American society. The hateful abuse of Trump for mere political purposes is nothing less than revolting.  I have no doubt that Americans will by and large rise above this mindless entertainment and seek to preserve the less dramatic but more genuine values of intellect and virtue.  I also fully suspect that the Republican party will suffer a serious admonishment in the process.  The obsequious persuasion of the more vocal members will haunt them interminably.

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