Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Moving onward...

Nothing it appears will impair our intended transit! Promoted by the finest thread of eruption we are responding to those faint glimmers of the future by preparing ourselves. The enterprise was this morning exceedingly functional. We clinched one undertaking after another not only as desired but at times better than hoped. In the midst of the undisturbed agenda was a momentary diversion which proved mildly annoying as it rekindled the plaintiff differences between mankind - the inescapable frustrations which make one wonder why do anything! But I plodded on propelled by purely rational resolve - the exclusivity of age - to ignore the competing restrictions.

If one were to ask, "What's bothering you now?", there's the livid temptation to blame someone else. Invariably though the seat of the problem is closer to home, within oneself, percolating from the poisonous channels below. This sub-plot curiously echoes the drama of the current American presidency. The president of the United States of America has championed the view that his perils - particularly impeachment - are but part of the "greatest hoax" manufactured by his political opponents of every level and breadth - whether Democrats in Congress, the Whistleblower in the White House or merely socialists on the street. The only prospect of dignity for anyone in the midst of such trials is to step aside or charge headlong into the fray.  The American president - having as he does a lamentable tradition of theatrical image - has garishly opted for the more aggressive of the two alternatives in belief of recovery based on presentation not substance. His acting career thrived on similar dynamics but he is about to see the door slammed in his face by superior intellects who have at last arisen in unison to confront the absurdity of his conduct. There is a very good chance that the American public fatigued by the goon show will also relent. There is a moment in even the most private social affair when the constant distractions of a goof become intolerable.

The battles among people occur as regularly as contests between chipmunks for a morsel of nuts. There is nothing singular about the events. In order to crystallize the translation it is useful to recall that leaving one room and moving into another seldom alters the sensation. Argument is not unlike the weather - mercurial and unpredictable. None of us wants to restore the inadequate emotion of argument with one's mother. Some alliances are simply imperturbable. Yet as any devoted Christian will assert it is not the sin which resurrects but the confession of fault. Relying upon Moses or Mohammed or the Pharaohs of Egypt may sustain a more colourful chronicle of struggle among humans but the demand to impose our own sense of propriety and reality is not diminished.

Meanwhile the world economy continues to monopolize learned reporters. The market is the putative acid test of the frivolities of political and corporate behaviour.

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