Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Not the same as moving

In spite of the lengthy motor vehicle trundle (driving is my confessed obsession) relocating to Longboat Key for six months is thankfully nothing compared to the industry of a standard move.  The primary difference naturally is that we have only clothing, toiletries, pills and credit cards to transport.  With some hesitation I crow that we've established an orderly routine for this semi-annual undertaking - essentially having trained ourselves to bring less. I should however add that I tote feather pillows (I despise foam) and a lightweight duvet (so much less hassle than having to deal with a sheet and blanket each morning when making the bed).  As well we cart along a Canon printer/scanner for which we paid the astronomic price of $58 at Target years ago. This tireless device may eventually qualify for the "less is more" axiom in view of the regularity we receive almost every communication electronically but there remain sparse occasions on which the printer and scanner are useful. I've given up hauling my electronic piano.  My repertoire is painfully limited.

If you're at all interested, what I don't take is any more than two pairs of shoes (boat shoes only), no watches (other than the Apple watch which I use when bicycling to record my distance), very limited accoutrements, only my favourite shirts and pants (which I routinely wear in any event and they can always be washed or new ones purchased) and one sweater and pullover (just enough to get us over the border and safely into the palm tree belt). Formal wear is right out! Oddly I persist in bringing my Tilley raffia hat which I have never worn.  I nonetheless adore it.  Traditionally hats have never suited me - and when I am in the sunshine it is normally to absorb the rays not to escape them - but this one works. If only I could bring myself to do more with it than abandon it under the back window of the car!

The truth about travel in a subtropical climate is that fashions are different.  There is the notorious comedy of floral leaf patterned shirts.  Even the expensive models of Aloha shirts created by Tommy Bahama can prove to be singularly bad form in any environment other than one adjacent turquoise water and perhaps lubricated by more than water. But if the venue is appropriate it isn't unexpected that the northern textiles quickly take a back seat when the opportunity arises. Without question a new bit of silk constitutes one of life's peerless rewards!

No matter for how long one is accustomed to vacate one's principal residence, the ambition to return home never quite evaporates.  In the meantime however there is a similar persuasion to experience the anticipated excitement of adventure which only comes from travel.  I have long ago overcome the hope of translating any element of my personality, mindset or physique by travel but enduringly there is an undeniable exhilaration which accompanies the event.  For the most part our winter sojourns are no more elaborate than the alteration of geese from one domain to another, just a continuance of identical habits, meals and grocery shopping.  More infrequent travel for shorter duration is understandably quite different - usually involving hotels, dining out and novel excursions.  But just shifting from one apartment to another is far more transparent.

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