Monday, January 7, 2019

Lapse into the Vernacular

There are few places on the face of this earth (at least within the scope of my admittedly limited travels) to which I would assent so readily and willingly to lapse unequivocally into the vernacular as Longboat Key. The everyday voice of this tiny barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico is music to my inner soul, the quintessence of fervency. It is with uncommon gusto that each day I hasten to embark upon a repeat performance of my domestic bicycle ride up and down the island.

The indisputable perfection of the environment speaks to more than the best of American culture. The daily absorption of the constant and flawless detail approaches a spiritual enhancement - a well kept secret which accommodates sublime parks for humans and dogs (large and small), frequent access to all the beaches, convenient paths for walking and cycling, launches for watercraft of every description and necessary commercial enterprise without the usual urban cosmetic vulgarity.  Around any corner is the opportunity for adventure and magical vistas; including such mundane necessities as public washrooms and WiFi. This modernity and availability survives without competition within proximity to the manifest privilege of others.

To me it is no different from visiting a gallery to gaze upon a work of art. I am content to rise above any shame of myself or envy of others for what they have created. Importantly there is nothing synthetic or suspiciously uniform about the idyllic beauty of either the private or public resources. It certainly aids the cause to have the benefit of Nature's gifts of subtropical vegetation, sunshine, warmth, surf and sand, renditions of which perpetually change with alterations of temperature, wind and sky.

Each day I anticipate with eagerness the afternoon resort to the sandy white beach where within moments of stationing my bicycle I am prone on a chaise longue directly facing the dazzling sun, listening to the crashing waves and preparing for an invigorating and salubrious swim in the sea.

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