Thursday, January 10, 2019

Where you go, that's where you're gonna be!

It was almost 9:30 am when I awoke this morning and slowly removed my sleep mask to verify whether the sun was shining. It was. Brilliantly! I grabbed my iPhone from the bedside table and checked the time.  Getting out of bed after eight o'clock in the morning rattles me (though I can't think why it particularly matters at this stage of my life).  It isn't that I imagine having important duties to fulfill.  Just the thought of "wasting" valuable hours perturbs me; I instantly calculate how much time has already been wantonly relinquished.

It was in this spirit of combined remorse and urgency that I completed my morning ablutions, which include using CVS liquid Lens Cleaner to wipe my iPhone, lip balm container and eye glasses; in addition to making my bed and showering, shaving, combing my hair and applying various skin lotions (some for moisture, some for sun protection). Breakfast is routine as well, the identical fodder every day (though recently I have heightened my Georgia honeycomb with whole walnut meat - amounting to pecan pie without the crust).  The strong, black coffee is in the refrigerator already, chilled from the previous night's production (when I make two cups for the following day, one for the morning, the other for the afternoon when I customarily return from the pool or beach to attend to my remaining daily habit of writing).  While eating breakfast I read.  Today it was Ludwig Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations". It was slightly before noon when I mounted my bicycle and headed out.

I normally begin my ride by exiting the north gate of the community then going northward along Gulf of Mexico Drive. Today I chose instead to descend first along Longboat Club Road (past the mansions on Regent Court) around the circle adjacent Longboat Key Club Resort and then through the southern gate of the community to connect as usual with Gulf of Mexico Drive northward.

The obvious distinction of this alternate route is that I am on the north side of Gulf of Mexico Drive, which means I am not shaded by the vegetation as I proceed northward. By adding this extra dimension to my customary route I satisfy my need for distance without having to go as far beyond Bayfront Park (going instead only to Block 5000 rather than to Block 7000 at the end of the island before it becomes Bradenton Beach).

Seemingly I was suffering uncommon fatigue on my little adventure. When I reached Bayfront Park I was quick to dismount and deposited myself upon the park bench overlooking Sarasota Bay.  As I sat in the warm sunshine it wasn't long before my eyes were closing and I drifted into la-la land.

In keeping with all my other habits, I reflected upon the same thoughts as always, the people whom I have known, the recent events of my life (including pointedly the death of my dear mother), my family and relationships, the sum of my career and the large view of my future. I also invariably credit my current blessings which naturally include the benefit of an extremely supportive alliance and the proximity of this idyllic maritime environment.

Feeling a bit "off" today - this in spite of the beautiful weather - I was just as happy to return home without delay.  Once back on terra firma it was the work of a moment before I was prolonged on a chaise longue under the azure dome, alone on the beach by the sea, tranquillized by the crashing sounds of the waves.

The imagery of the morning reappeared with the same dreamy flavour. I did however have enough sense to awaken myself from the reverie to return conscientiously to the apartment in time for a webcast from the Law Society of Upper Canada regarding the upcoming Bencher elections. Though I have shamefully removed myself from just about every other element of public obligation, contribution or improvement, I have nonetheless preserved my unalloyed interest in the well-being of the profession, its duties to society and its challenges of evolution (regarding qualification and technology in particular).

It was sufficient reminder of the cogency of my own obscurity to hear an account of the demands upon the Benchers in the fulfillment of their duties to Convocation (effectively the board of directors of the Law Society). I was impressed by the credentials of the Benchers who spoke during the webcast, including the Treasurer (the leader of the Law Society) and the Elections Officer. It was impossible not to be impressed by the extent of their contributions and commitment.

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