Sunday, January 13, 2019

Start of the Week

The preparation for performance can rightfully begin on a Sunday, as it did today. Last evening we had resolved to attend the first of three local clothing stores in search of casual shirts by no later than 10:00 o'clock this morning. We clung to our mission; and, the agenda got underway as planned. The first two emporia proved unsuccessful, one because it was closed; the other because it hadn't what was wanted.  The third however afforded precisely what was desired.

Though afterwards I had intended to complete my customary bicycle ride, my purpose was interrupted by the freedom of the grand piano in the lobby of the condominium building. Thinking Sunday morning was an excellent time to capitalize upon a brief interlude with the ivories, I settled onto the bench and began playing. The effort became prolonged by the appearance of a woman who was clearly absorbed by the sounds. She sat nearby and listened attentively.  This naturally appealed to my enjoyment of entertainment.  I continued playing for some considerable time.  Others joined my audience of one. As might be expected the listeners were engrossed in their own sentimental reminiscences promoted by the notes. Music more than anything can take people places.  I too was feeling my own repercussions.

My energy was seemingly drained by the piano playing.  Accordingly my bicycle ride was shorter than normal.  I was back on the beach by mid-afternoon.  The sun became hidden behind a bank of clouds.  So I withdrew to the pool and spa. In the spa I chatted with a gentleman about the composition of the Supreme Court and the competing vagaries of conservatism and liberalism.  We laughingly agreed we hadn't resolved the world's problems.

Back at the condominium I took care of some domestic duties and later chatted on the telephone with a recently-arrived friend with whom we've arranged to lunch on Tuesday.

In the middle of these enterprises I joined the Ships of Scale website to enlarge my interest in admiralty and matters nautical.  I gathered some further information to add to yesterday's gloss upon a related topic.

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