Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year's Day, January 1, 2019

It wouldn't normally be adjudged anything but a moderately disgusting bodily function  - the sudden and unannounced eruption of salt water from the right nostril - but for one who has spent the day at the beach under the blazing sun, in and out of the sea, it is part of the purgative process that in differing manners so often characterizes the arrival of the New Year. This particular rendition for example contrasts favourably with the less wholesome event of rubbing one's eye with the palm of the hand laden with suntan lotion.  The salt water emission at least echoed the agreeable baptismal experience of swimming in the Gulf of Mexico to escape the post-New Year's Eve lethargy and to initiate the advent of the New Year, refreshed and decontaminated. How or when the sea manages to fill the cavity I haven't a clue.

Breakfast this morning included oatmeal (trimmed with raisins, walnuts and almond slivers) and bacon. That and strong, black coffee. To my palate it was the Sacrament of Heaven!  The bacon was slow-cooked and crisp; the pieces melted in the mouth! A very special New Year's Day treat.

We're starting the New Year with a prolonged forecast of fine weather, hot and mostly clear. With blunt disregard I have abandoned the pool and embraced the white sandy beach and turquoise sea water.

My preference when walking on the beach is to stroll southward past the mansions, fewer people on the beach than northward adjacent the numerous condominiums.  In either direction the beach is awesome, alterations of pools and sandbars, forever the crashing waves.

We both bicycled today.  We are currently a one-bike family. My tour was late this afternoon, around 4 o'clock.  It suited me well.  The afternoon shadows were a welcome change from the relentless heat and sun of the previous five hours - though I had to force myself to leave the chaise longue when the yellow orb was directly in front of me suspended in an azure sky.

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