Thursday, January 24, 2019

Tech Day

Laundry was my morning project today.  Overnight there had been thunder and lightening.  The skies hadn't cleared when I awoke. So it was an opportune time to deal with domestic matters. Not until shortly after noon did I make it onto my bicycle for some exercise.  My preferred route is now southward along Longboat Club Road to the South Gate, then up Gulf of Mexico Drive to Bayfront Park.

Having expiated any guilt through the morning cleansing process - and having nothing of a worrisome or productive nature in mind - I deliberately resolved to sit on the bench in the Park and stare at Sarasota Bay as a means of fulfilling the inutility of old age. While doing so it strangely occurred to me for no particular reason that I could add to my Google blog site several other blogs to capture three other books I have written (or which I am in the process of writing). This undertaking immediately animated me and I hastened to return home to put things in order.

I did however permit myself a further period of contemplation of the enterprise by first positioning myself by the sea to watch and listen to the extraordinary surf. The sea swells were enormous, providing a relentless crashing and frothing, at times pushing the surf almost to the limit of the furniture on the beach.

When I finally got back to the apartment and began my tech modification it turned out to be a weightier scheme than I had first imagined. I have nonetheless succeeded to establish the three new blogs and add the foundation of material. Perhaps over time I will improve their appearance. For now I have the privilege of knowing that all my relevant literary stuff is located in one place (including the two other sites to which they are linked).  When I began writing at thirteen years of age in my little diary, the production was of low quality.  This inferiority continued through boarding school, undergraduate university, law school and into my first two years of law practice. Their only value was that they provided the fodder for the autobiography that I subsequently wrote.  Though I had retained the original volumes of those diaries, I discarded them all when we sold the house.  It was for this reason that today I wanted to collate the subsequent epistles. This effort achieves nothing especially noteworthy other than satisfying my obsessiveness.

The demands of the activity at least afforded me the feeling that I was doing something beyond my normal routine. It clearly put me out of mind of some the lesser preoccupations which regularly cloud my intellect. If nothing else I learned slightly more about how to operate the settings feature of the blog.  Anything which keeps me in tune with technology is a good thing. I continue to resist the use of technology for anything other than obviously pragmatic purposes (which I do not extend to include game playing for example). I suppose it is arguable that my so-called "writing" is just a game of one sort but I nonetheless fashion that it is more purposeful than pre-programmed video games.

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