Thursday, January 17, 2019


I am stretched upon the chaise longue alone on the beach. The arid wind from the north buffets gently on my face, like a soft, fresh pillow. My torso, wrapped in a midnight-blue and apple-red fleece with the collar turned up around my neck, sustains the cool breeze while my leathern face tingles in the burning sun. The suntan lotion - Ultra Sheer dry touch - is soothing. I fall asleep, exhausted from my bicycle ride. People walk along the shore, their voices approaching then vanishing, their conversation like an ensemble of musicians, crescendo, allegro. When I open my eyes briefly the dazzling white orb blinds me.

This is my white dream by the sea. My haircut this morning is shorter than usual, spiked from the gooey product applied by Big Michael. The sky is entirely clear blue, not a cloud in sight, a dome rising from the distant horizon extending all about me. I drift back into sleep. It is an hour later that I revive like a bear from hibernation, intent upon doing something. I will go for a swim in the pool. But first submerge myself in the hot tub to assuage my aching limbs.

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