Monday, January 21, 2019

Rum Punch Party

Dear Fred and Donna, I trust you’ll forgive me for the social indiscretion of thanking you for your “Thank-you!” but I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed receiving your lovely - and quite unnecessary - gift. The Siesta Key ~ Toasted Coconut Rum ~ more than lives up to its Premium Small Batch interlineation. The mere bottle proclaims its worthiness - a weighty vessel reminiscent of a fine crystal decanter. More importantly to me however is that it is a “Florida Rum with Natural Flavours” - specifically distilled and bottled in Sarasota, Florida. I cannot imagine a more fitting memento of our first season on Longboat Key! The whimsical slur (“Finally a coconut rum that doesn’t taste like suntan lotion”) was not lost on me either! I am an inveterate sun worshipper!

As I mentioned when we spoke, neither Denis nor I drinks alcohol but - for the time being at least - I intend to preserve this singular gift as a favoured reminder of today’s celebratory event in particular and of our winter sojourn on this extraordinary barrier island in general.

Finally - congratulations to you both upon the completion of the new social room, an unqualified success by all accounts! Cheers! B&D

I quip that my piano playing yesterday afternoon in the lobby of the condominium for the celebration of the new social room was my "international stage debut"! Shortly after our arrival on Longboat Key last October I was asked by board member Fred to participate.  Yesterday the undertaking came to fruition.  My "appearance" was preceded by a very thoughtful gift, one which it turns out has special significance for me.  I willingly add this occasion to my stockpile.  In preparation for my little concert I had created a repertoire of my piano "stylings" which turned out to be superfluous.  First, as soon as the residents began congregating in the lobby, the noise level escalated so radically that I seriously question whether anything I played was remotely audible.  Second, the agenda of the event was primarily the ribbon-cutting so it wasn't long before my playing was curtailed.  I think I may have played about six pieces in total.

It is an oddity of my so-called talent that because I play by ear, when I am deafened by the ambient noise my ability is commensurately diminished. I tap notes, uncertain whether they're the ones to play! The result shouldn't come as a surprise but the experience of playing for a cocktail party is so infrequent that I am nonplussed. In any event there were people generous enough to complement me so I'll happily live with that!

The real purpose of the foregathering in the lobby was naturally the congregation which afterwards followed in the new social room. There we were pleased to make and renew acquaintances with others who either reside in the building or who have proprietary interests. It is a bold cue that this is a venue in which we are pleased to correspond.

I reflected upon yesterday's event when bicycling today on Gulf of Mexico Drive.  This place is phenomenal!  The dome of clear blue sky triggered once again a purifying sensation. Every morning I hasten to get onto the bike path and relish the views.

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