Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Blissful Summer Day

Today was an unsurpassable summer's day - cloudless sky, dry air, soaring temperature and a light breeze! No doubt it helped that my mental and physical mechanics were equally exceeded.  I seriously believe that one's personal dynamics are as mercurial as the weather - both as to predictability and sublimity. There is arguably be some stock in what led up to today's explosion of delight but I count that not as entitlement so much as fortuity.

Though my morning began with the primary intention of going to the City for the mandatory car wash - an ablution which yesterday had been confiscated by my trusty endodontist - the agenda was corrupted by His Lordship's desire for some fresh yellow beans from the local market gardener. I decided to fulfill that requirement first, more as a strategic ploy than anything else (not that is out of deference).  Turns out to have been a wise choice because I arrived just as the farm hand was literally taking the stuff off the back of the truck.  Actually he displayed a total lack of chivalry by simply hauling the large cotton containers of corn, beans and whatever to the back of the truck where he awaited the demonstrably weighty carriage of them by the young female attendant to the vegetable stand.  She nonetheless managed to complete her task with neither complaint nor innuendo; and then she looked after my needs with magnanimity - including adding an extra field tomato to my carton.

Afterwards I frequented the local grocery store to gather the elements of my new diet for post-operative dental surgery - essentially anything soft.  The delicatessen provided a suitable resource for several salads (chicken, Neptune and Bombay).  After my visit to the outdoor vegetable stand I was intent upon employing the aromatic field tomatoes.  To this ingredient I added ripe avocados and fresh salmon - to be fixed with gluten free (don't ask me why) pasta. I was capably assisted in my pursuit of items by the wife (Tanya) of the grocery store owner.  Even before I concluded who she was, she exhibited all the indicia of a proprietary interest.  I was asserted in my speculation by the smart step evident in the nearby employees.

The afternoon was too glorious to ignore for even a moment.  The Town of Mississippi Mills is composed of three hamlets in addition to the Town of Almonte (formerly known variously as Shepherd's Falls, Shipman's Mills, Ramsayville and Waterford), the Township of Ramsay and the Township of Pakenham; namely, the Village of Pakenham, the Village of Blakeney (formerly known as the Village of Rosebank) and the Village of Appleton.

"Relations between the United States and Great Britain had been antagonistic since the War of 1812. Border skirmishes between Mexico and the United States increased this antagonism. Mexican general Juan Almonte had fought in these skirmishes, and by 1853 had become Mexico's ambassador to the United States. Since the people of Waterford mistrusted the U.S., and General Almonte had resisted the U.S., they decided to honour Mexico and the general by renaming the town Almonte. This makes Almonte the only town in Ontario named after a Mexican general. The name change appears to have happened in 1856, though the post office didn't record the new name until 1859."

August 20, 2019.

Hello, Warren and John!

Re:  Belated thanks

When we recently discovered a new batch of homegrown tomatoes outside the apartment door I first thought to thank Mrs. Harding since it was she who had lately bestowed upon us a similar beneficence. When however I subsequently spoke with her she involved both you and Gerry Houston in the undertaking - though without providing a total narrative.

As you know it was today when speaking with you and Gerry that the mystery unfolded. If I understand the sequence correctly you expropriated the tomatoes from Gerry’s garden then delivered the trove to us!

Whatever captures the correct circumstances we thank you all for your corporate contribution and generosity!



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