Thursday, August 29, 2019

From Blasphemy to Blasé

Last night I slept well. After 48 hours of disorder the tenor of my sterile existence returned to Middle-C. The events transpired miraculously though I know not without industry.  What disguises the draining handiwork is the extraordinary relief upon turning the corner. I'm today in a different universe, wallowing in my own ineffable greatness. Mine is predominantly an unblemished life. I don't aspire to commotion.

Though the recovery was accomplished yesterday climacteric details unfolded today to complete the cycle. I regained control of something lost. Whenever the circumstances are abrupt and unexpected the fallout is exponentially disturbing. I don't like being thrown off balance. And I rather dislike having to endure the consequence as a result of the contamination of others - always a challenge to my magnanimity. It magnifies more broadly than I prefer the poisonous subsurface of my being. For now however all is "sweetness and light", the smug totality of well-being and purpose.

We are on the threshold of Labour Day weekend. The exuberance of the local population was evident as a rolled about the landscape fulfilling my trifling duties at the hardware and grocery stores, the post office and car wash.  One can feel the energy! It reminded me of an especially memorable sensation I had years ago when returning from the City shortly before Christmas, my car packed with gifts for family. Today's breeziness was similarly sponsored by a spiritual beneficence (though this time less noble). It helps that the triumph coincides with the serendipitous evolution of other goodies. At the risk of becoming overly optimistic we are approaching the end of what have been months of personal agenda. The necessity is not regretted; but the conclusion is welcome.

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