Monday, August 12, 2019

Swaying to the motion

The imperative of one's bounded being is both magical and unimaginatively systemic. Yet to say that one is undeservedly dynamic dilutes the gratuitous power of nature. Though we cannot take credit for much of what transpires in our daily lives it nonetheless warrants our marvel and acclaim. We are alike as vehicles of the sublime as a flower is of heavenliness and wonder. In short I've had a superbly pleasant day in spite of myself!

The antecedent to the adventure was a calculated wholesomeness - slices of crisp Granny Smith apple and luscious Ontario peach. Nor could I subsequently resist the luxury of smooth almond butter and Manuka honey on fresh multi-grain bread lathered in butter.  Coffee naturally, to strengthen the awakening, to propel the advance, to reacquaint the model of influence.

The initial endeavour was the product of logic and design. There may even have been an element of the Protestant Work Ethic at play, compelling me to forge first upon the necessity before the pleasure, like bicycling into the wind before returning home. What is it that distinguishes the profit from the pleasure, the preamble from the pain, the wish from the woe, the conclusions from the clouds?

Thanks to the immediate cooperation of the Agent of First Attack I left with a buoyancy and renewed application to the other projects of the day. The lens from the right side of my spectacles had been removed thus affording me an uncontaminated dextrous world view.  I shifted my ocular focus from one eye to the other to verify that the one was indeed 20/20 and it was. A miracle of science!

Next on the agenda was picking up some pills missing from yesterday's prescription order.  As might have been expected the incoming supply had not as yet been examined.  And - no - I hadn't any shopping to do in the meantime so I would return later in the day.  As I trudged back to the car bemoaning this sudden alteration to the perfection of the day I was greeted by someone whose voice I recognized but whose appearance was not at first obvious. She removed her hat and I made the connection.  This was a person from my past who had always been a welcome encounter. We speedily accelerated the communion again.  Within moments we were howling about the realities of our respective performances in the most candid terms - which of course explains the accomplishment of our conviviality. It was however only later - by continued bluntness and truthfulness - that I established the alliance between her and two others with whom I am historically associated. It should not surprise me after 45 years here that the threads extend deeply into society and that the unraveled paths are often remarkable.

One of those distant confederacies was coincidentally she who telephoned me as I gossiped in the parking lot. They too were remotely associated. It is this burning lava which streams from the central volcano that unifies us.

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