Thursday, August 8, 2019

Lunch at the Golf Club

The serene days of summer are racing. We chose today to venture nearby to revel in the warm weather and gentle breezes. First we stopped for lunch at the golf club overlooking the meandering Mississippi River and spreading manicured greens. The fields of emerald coloured corn stalks are mounting skyward and will soon approach the late August harvest. Summer in Canada is so ephemeral. I am thankful to have the bliss to indulge its beneficence. We’re not currently plagued by the random disappointments of life or by what increasingly are the predictable havocs of aging and irrepressible decline.

The distemper of summer has overtaken my spirit sufficiently to paint me into the direction of restraint and solicitude. My erstwhile addiction to sugar has temporarily resiled - though I willingly imbibe the purity of organic maple syrup and raw walnuts. The pursuit of perfection by the medium of food is an artful project by any standard! It is at times only the most catastrophic redirections which succeed to convince me to alter my diet (a vernacular often tainted by the psychotic alterations of my mood).

Later this afternoon amid loud thwacking rainfall on the windshield we drove deep into the hinterland beyond the Village of Burnstown on the Madawaska River to ancient lumber town Renfrew with its grand homes still towering drearily.

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