Sunday, August 11, 2019

Erin & Julien

Erin and Julien
The Epithalamic Union

As a relic of the legal art
I’m still aroused by words.
And never to the point to say
That law is for the birds.

And yet there is that misty view
Which one can take of codes
That sometimes merit zeal and fervour
Rather like a nuptial ode.

The union state is very fine -
A magical collusion.
A poetry for those in time
Who suffer no illusion.

Though contracts come and contracts go
The idyllic romance lingers.
Romeo and Juliet were history’s
Harbingers and mystery lover bringers.

Let no one try to ever steal
The passion of your hearts.
Let no one attempt to say
There’s chance you’ll fall apart.

The voyage across the sea of life
Is instilled by hope forever.
The greatest world upon our globe
Is clearly meant for lovers!

Best wishes to you both upon your marriage!

Love and affection as always,
Bill and Denis

Almonte, Ontario

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