Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Peas and Life

On our way home from the Ottawa Heart Institute this afternoon we stopped at a grocery store and bought provisions.  Among them a jar of beans.  Beans are my latest passion.  They conveniently replace salmon and filet mignon (both of which I still like naturally but the beans are far less work).  I just throw them onto my usual chopped raw veggies.  I confess I bought another carafe of maple syrup.  I have convinced myself it cleanses the innards.  Combined with All-Bran and raw walnuts, it's a soothing end-of-day treat.

Though the pacemaker is still good for another 8 or 9 years, the serenity of the day was partially marred by Canada Revenue Agency and having to deal with lumbering institutions.  I have nonetheless tranquillized myself by listening to Ludovico Einaudi.  Like most artists his work is generally similar one to the other but I haven't as yet saturated myself to the point of exhausting my appetite.  At the grocery store today I overheard a rock-'n-roll song from my past and it got me humming along.  Normally I find piped music in warehouse stores annoying.

I wasn't able to overcome the mania of institutions and bureaucracy - both of which poisoned my attitude. Yet I magically survived the defeat of Instagram (my latest technological narrative).  More precisely I simply lucked into the technical vehicle sufficiently to get where I wanted to go. Perseverance paid off in spite of the lack of insight. This shouldn't be a surprise considering that computer entertainment basically began with Pac-Man doodles.

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