Thursday, August 22, 2019

Afternoon Outing

Living as we do in the rapturous Ottawa Valley the only difficulty finding an agreeable place for a pit stop on a balmy summer afternoon is deciding what direction to go. We've literally canvassed venues at every point of the compass and never been disappointed. Today the initial magnetism came from the south on the St. Lawrence Seaway specifically the Ivy Lea Club. However we didn't make it that far.  Instead we detoured en route for some focaccia bread in the Village of Spencerville.  One thing led to another and we ended diminishing our erstwhile fervency.

When leaving Spencerville - but still traveling southward - we adventurously diverted along a new path.  It unsurprisingly took us to an intersection with which we were familiar and from which we cheerfully recovered our usual route. By this time - having exhausted our interest in home-made Italian sandwiches, date squares and pecan pie - we were noticeably less resolute about gazing upon the glistening St. Lawrence River. We did nonetheless pause for a superb espresso and affogato at Katrina's Coffee Shop in Prescott.

Our meander back home along the country roads would have been entirely satisfactory were it not for an airhead driver intent upon passing every other vehicle on the road only to end up one car ahead behind a row of cement trucks. Though I briefly lapsed into the vernacular I otherwise resisted the customary gyrations of road rage. I quelled my anger my imagining that the driver had previously endured some familial outrage which had promoted her own anxiety.

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