Friday, March 9, 2018

Checking the Tide Chart and the Weather

There are two certain indicia of a maritime resident - one, checking the tide chart; and the other, checking the weather.  Everything the maritime resident does surrounds those two features of nature, whether ambling along the beach or laying in the sun. Neither of the indicia is of significance unless it meets the preferred standards - namely, low tide and warm temperature.  Otherwise there is an assured delay in performance.  But when the two coalesce in the desirable manner the fluidity of activity is similarly guaranteed. Today we happen to have one of those days.

As anxious as I was to start the day, when it was yet only 9:30 am it was by any standard too early to consider capitalzing upon sun and sand.  There is a north wind today which to a limited degree lowers the ambient temperature.  So there was advantage in waiting until later in the morning before seeking the warmth.  To occupy myself until at least 10:30 am I telephoned my elderly mother and had pretty much the usual conversation with her about her health, the weather and her financial affairs; and what birthdays of family members are upcoming.  Once that duty was performed I donned my light jacket and prepared to head to the beach.

We descended from the upper level of the condominium on S Atlantic Avenue by way of a walkway from the street and then a boardwalk down to the beach.

Located next to our condominium building is Sunglow Pier which is locally famous for Crabby Joe's diner.  Sunglow is one of two large piers in the Daytona Beach area - one here at Daytona Beach Shores, the other larger one in Daytona Beach proper.

We decided to walk into the north wind in order to have the subsequent benefit of the direct sun and no wind upon our return.  Not far from the pier I attempted to take a photo of the two of us.  A passing tourist from Arkansas stopped to offer to snap the photo herself.

Though we hadn't any particular motive or destination in mind we settled upon the closest lifeguard stand which we saw in the near distance. I have subsequently been informed that the return distance from the condominium to the stand is precisely one mile.  Getting there wasn't entirely a piece of cake. The rising tide was beginning to force us onto softer sand on the upper level of the shore.  But we made it and sat there briefly to recover our strength before turning back.

The walk homeward was for me more exhausting than the initial lap.  I presume I had begun to feel the exercise.  I gripped my partner's shoulder to ensure I didn't trip.

The ultimate destination for me was the pool at the condominium.  There I wanted to lounge in the sun.  Which is precisely what I did for about the next hour before I retired to the Club Room and called my friend Jill in Canada. Though she was busy with her artistic work she took a moment to listen to me play several pieces on the piano for her, about which she was as always flattering.

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