Monday, March 26, 2018

Spa Day

Having a professional manicure and pedicure is not something I do regularly.  But occasionally - as today - the indulgence is one I easily rationalize.  After almost a month in hospital I am anxious to restore at least a semblance of physical wellness.  I already missed a scheduled appointment with a dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning. The special care of my nails this afternoon coincided with a haircut earlier this morning. I now feel I have done all I can to prepare myself for our upcoming departure to Longboat Key in the next few days.  I consider it part of a purge, a ritual cleansing.

The "full service spa" which I attended today is conveniently located a mere 6-minute walk from our apartment.  I walked there and back both this morning and afternoon (and on both occasions I was dampened by a mist, nothing serious and actually quite relieving in the balmy heat).  When walking back this afternoon I was joined by my partner who gleefully reported that a long-awaited package from our banker in Sarasota had arrived in the mail today, nicely rounding out our outstanding paperwork.  Buoyed by that advantage we stopped at the ATM of Sun Trust which is located very close to the apartment building as well.

I would be remiss not to mention that immediately upon my vacation of the spa earlier this morning I received another much-awaited telephone call from my dear friend Jill in Canada.  She too conveyed good tidings, specifically the effective completion of a great deal of the work she had been preparing for an upcoming art show.  I can tell you I was thrilled to hear the news!  This is the fruition of what has been months and months in the making, involving considerable work and stress. Her mission later today was to engage a friend in the completion of the pragmatic details related to her artistic production - taking website photographs and preparing for the official hanging of the works of art. The pyschological achievement of this taxing undertaking is equally significant, representing as it does the ability to rise above despair and to embrace one's native instincts.  It is so terribly easy for an outsider to tell others "be happy, don't worry" and to "follow your bliss" - but quite another to actually do it.  Like work of any nature it is more often than not nothing more glamorous than head down and determined resolution, hardly an exotic procedure by any standard.  But she did it!  In fact I learned that so enthused is she about what has transpired that she intends to keep going even to the absolute end!  The previous anticipation about letting go on March 26th has thus been remarkably extended until the last possible moment (which could be as late as March 29th or 30th depending upon how long the hanging can be protracted).  In either event - and in any case - there is no question that the personal objective has been achieved - no matter what the public perception may be.

We rounded out our day by having a two-plate meal entirely of vegetables - one, a hot and spicy concoction, the other a cold raw salad.   We're anxious to eat up whatever provisions remain in the larder before our withdrawal.  Presently we intend to dine at a Ponce Inlet restaurant on Wednesday evening and a local breakfast joint on Thursday morning before finally pushing off for the season.  We also packed more of our remaining provisions in the trunk of the car today.  Slowly we're closing the gap.

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