Monday, March 12, 2018


Normally I prefer not to plan things in advance of the accomplishment of other preliminaries.  First things, first - as the saying goes.  But this morning while munching on my English muffin with fresh ground peanut butter (from Publix) I received a telephone call from the office of the surgeon who conducted my lung surgery last month.  The telephonist informed me that Dr. J advised that because he had seen me after the operation already (prior to my departure from the hospital) it was no longer necessary for me to reattend for a consultation tomorrow morning as previously planned. This alteration nicely concludes all medical necessities before our return to Canada. And I don't mind saying that it eliminates what has been the understandable anxiety surrounding medical appointments generally - not exactly my favourite occupation if the truth be told!  What's more compelling however is that we are now positioned to prepare ourselves for our final departure from Daytona Beach Shores on April 2nd next (when we head to Longboat Key for a short business visit before driving leisurely to Canada for the summer).

For precisely the next three weeks therefore we haven't much in particular to occupy us other than resting, walking on the beach, lying in the sun and winding up our affairs on Daytona Beach Shores (which includes getting rid of worn out clothing by arranging its delivery to a local welfare organization). Having such a bland future in no sense disappoints me. I am more than happy to dwell upon these strictly mundane aspects of life.  My breathing continues to be a small restriction because the tightness of my broken ribs constricts the lung cavity.  For this I walk as much as possible each day in an attempt to stretch my abdomen. Otherwise things are improving daily in tiny but measurable degrees.

After our somewhat soggy one-mile morning walk on the beach this morning we ventured into the car for a token drive about the area, accented by a purposeful visit to Beall's department store for some Polo shirts. While the shopper attended to that retail matter I remained in the car.  I telephoned an ancient girl friend in Canada.  She and I had been at Glendon Hall together 1967 - 1970 for undergraduate studies.  Subsequently I represented certain legal interests of hers in Ottawa where she and her family moved to live in Rockcliffe Park.  My friend recently returned from her family place on Anna Maria Island which she assures me is mere minutes from Longboat Key.  Coincidentally she informed me that she dined there with a former classmate of mine from boarding school; the chap is apparently married to a woman who is a friend of my girl friend.  Needless to say we've made promises to cavort with one another next year if all is well. This isn't the first unlikely coincidence my friend and I have experienced.  Forty years ago at my law office I represented a gentleman who had moved from western Canada.  Turns out the client had been employed by my friend's brother to build a house for him there!  That same client went on to purchase a property in Almonte owned by my physician.  He also produced several magnificent pieces of furniture for me and others.  It constantly amazes me how people are associated with one another in spite of the vastness of the human race, proving once again we have far more in common than we think.

Once back home we decided to take another brief walk (0.80 miles only) along S Atlantic Avenue.  As the clouds had begun to disappear - and the warm sunshine returned - I afterwards took up my perch by the pool on a chaise longue where I reposed for the next hour.  My only interruptions were two brief telephone calls with my sister (regarding what we might do to celebrate her upcoming birthday in April) and an over-the-fence gossip with one of the condo residents about our respective medical challenges.  After all that was accomplished I dipped into the Club Room to play the grand piano for a moment.  Another gentleman was already in the Club Room and he later had the kind courtesy to tell me how he enjoyed my playing.  He has only lately (within the last 11 months) suffered the loss of his spouse; and he told me the music helped him to a degree.

Following is a delightful photo I received today from the older son of my partner's nephew. I believe the photo was taken yesterday after they lunched with us at Crabby Joe's on Sunglow Pier.

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