Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cool day on the beach

Waking up this morning was just like old times - namely, I had slept soundly until almost eight o'clock (which I consider to be rather tardy).  That made me feel considerably better than I have felt for the past month during which I seldom slept soundly, or if I did it was only for very brief moments. Stimulated by my rest I energetically undertook my simple morning routines - putting my overnight clothes into the wash, weighing myself, fluffing the four pillows, shaking the duvet and rearranging it upon the bed, cleaning my iPhone, lip balm and eye glasses and launching myself into the shower for a soap-down and hair wash, followed by a shave and application of various creams and pomade onto my hair, face and feet.  Though I hadn't any plan to go anywhere in particular today (or for the next three weeks for that matter) I laid out on my bed a collection of fresh clothes - white shorts and tan belt, blue Polo shirt, grey V-neck sweater and white socks.

Our proposal was to go for another early morning walk on the beach after breakfast.  The tide was descending and the sun was shining brilliantly once again today - not a cloud in the sky.  There was however a distinct and cool north wind (for which reason we wore a shell in addition to everything else). But first there was breakfast - black tea, orange slices, English muffin with fresh ground peanut butter and a small bowl of Bran buds. Then it was off to the beach.

Because we had arisen later than normal today our departure from the condominium was commensurately delayed.  This meant we encountered  - and briefly chatted with - the concierge and condominium president in the lobby before our departure.  Our route of departure took us through the garage, onto the pool platform then down a stairwell to the boardwalk which is along the rear of the property and leads directly onto the beach.  We directed ourselves northward towards the lifeguard stand at Dunlawton Avenue.  The cool wind was immediately apparent. Not surprisingy there were fewer people on the beach than normal (though to my constant surprise there continue to be those who insist on walking about in bare feet - and sometimes in the Ocean - no matter what the weather). There was once again a gentleman whom we've seen daily recently, wearing only his shorts and shoes - obviously determined to maintain his bronze corpulent body in spite of the wind.

As soon as we reached the lifeguard stand I climbed up the stairs and sat on the bench.  But shortly we were headed back to the apartment.

Instead of going immedately to the pool to lie in the sun on a chaise longue we instead went to the apartment to collect my driver's licence then returned to the garage and drove to Publix to buy a few grocery items which we needed. During that retail affair (during which I remained in the car) I telephoned my learned legal friend in Toronto to chat with him.  He tells me that recently another book of his has been approved for publication.  This is not his first, at least a second and perhaps a third (not including the annual publication updates).  He and I were at Glendon Hall for undergraduate studies years ago. Though his initial focus was strictly literary (and of an esoteric librarian nature), he subsequently studied law (among other things) and proved to be a renowned litigation lawyer in Mississauga (Toronto).

Later in the day I received two telephone calls from Ottawa, one from a chap with whom I am involved in a business transaction; the other from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (to schedule a follow-up concerning my newly installed Pacemaker).  Already our return to Canada is swamped with numerous medical (GP and specialists) and dental (general and orthodontic) attendances.  We also received an email communication from our banker in Sarasota (near Longboat Key) regarding a matter which apparently was mistakenly directed to Canada but which will now be sent to us by courier here at our Florida address.

I did of course manage to prostrate myself beside the pool for a good deal of the afternoon (which I hasten to add I interrupted for another one mile walk).  The sun was just too tantalizing to ignore.  Even though I wore my shell over my chest - and my shorts on my middle - my face, hands and legs were fully exposed to the rays.  Since I will never likely exhibit myself in anything less it matters not that I will suffer a "farmer's tan" as a result.

Meanwhile my artisitc friend Jill continues to sequester herself in her studio in preparation for the art show at the end of the month.  It takes all my energy to keep myself from telephoning her.  But I know that she has asked her friends to respect her duty and I therefore intend fully to do so.  I have no doubt that the next two weeks mean as much to her as they do to me - not only because of our mutual involvement in this important artistic project but also for each of us generally regarding the fulfillment of our personal ambitions.

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