Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Last Day on Daytona Beach Shores

Unquestionably we have been spoiled with exceptionally fine weather during the last hours of our sojourn on Daytona Beach Shores.  The Ocean and the wind have cooperated to produce a constant scene of rollicking waves and pleasant breeze, everything we had ever hoped to find here.  We began our day today in the usual manner; that is, with a one mile walk on the beach to the lifeguard stand and back. Afterwards after having lounged by the pool for about an hour I went for another walk on the beach in the opposite direction to an access point, about 0.8 miles return trip.

Throughout the entire day we couldn't help thinking how quickly the time had passed since our arrival on the barrier island almost six months ago.  Nor could we ignore the splendid and sometimes calamitous events which had transpired.  But in every case - no matter the characterization - we were unequivocally pleased with the outcome.  In fact we remarked how marvellous the result has been often in spite of the challenges.  We both spent an hour in the shade of the pergola by the pool ruminating upon these events and permitting ourselves to wander wherever our respective minds should wish to go.  The warm weather was an undeniable advantage and one would have been a fool not to appreciate it.

The purpose of the day melded with the toxic behaviour of the multitudes of people who flocked to the beach.  Everywhere there were walkers, surfers, sunbathers, swimmers and children frolicking in the Ocean.

We didn't take long to manage our evening agenda.  It included little more than dinner at "Off the Hook" restaurant in nearby Ponce Inlet on the Halifax River.  We have already been there several times and never disappointed with the productions of the kitchen.  The primary attraction is the fresh oysters (contaminatd only with fresh squeezed lemon juice) from Galveston Bay, TX, closely followed this evening by moules marinières and scallops encrusted in chopped madadamia nuts.

Because we had dined so early (we deliberately arrived before five o'clock to avoid the possibility of a dinner hour rush) it was no effort for us to go for yet another walk on the beach after dinner.  The sky and the water were at their finest this evening, a perfect way to end our time on Daytona Beach Shores.

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