Friday, March 16, 2018

Quelle journée!

Approximately every three or four days we make a trip to the local grocery store to gather what is needed to fill the larder in our apartment.  Today was our day to do so again.  However because we wanted to purchase some fresh fish we reasoned that it was wise to defer the attendance until later in the morning to give the staff sufficient time to arrange their own display cases.  As it turns out we also needed some ink cartridges for our printer/scanner device.  So we scheduled to go to Target first (on International Speedway) where we bought the device last fall, then Publix (on S Atlantic Avenue) afterwards.

But before any of that transpired we wanted to complete our routine one-mile walk on the beach.  Once again today the sky was perfectly clear, a terrific way to awake.  The forecast was for a temperature high of 73℉ - which meant that we wouldn't be wearing a shell (though we still sported light sweaters to handle the cool north breeze).  After breakfast (black tea, orange slices, English muffin with peanut butter and mashed banana) we headed to the beach to walk along the Ocean.  There were more people on the beach today than there have been for several of the last few days (which were pointedly considerably cooler and windier).  Many of the seafarers were in bare feet only, some of the men without tops.  And as always - no matter what the temperature - there were those who insisted upon walking in the Ocean.

For our part we trudged along comparatively slowly (to accommodate my lingering physical restrictions - namely, extremely tight abdomen from the broken ribs and stiff limbs from years of bicycling).  Every day the mechanics improve slightly.  But it is going to be a slow process.

When we returned to the apartment after our morning walk our shopping projects were delayed because of a call from our banker in Sarasota, FL.  Yesterday we encountered numerous difficulties with new credit cards.  After several prolonged discussions back and forth with our banker these matters were effectively resolved.  We can now access a site to check and pay our credit card balance. We've arranged to have cheques sent for our new bank account (the first lot were sent to our apartment unit number address, not the street address).  We've overcome the international dilemmas concerning Social Security Numbers vs Social Insurance Numbers; and we've unveiled the particulars of our routing account number.  We also settled what at first appeared to be a compromise of one of our new debit cards (but which was in fact just a glitch related to an attempt to add the card detail to "Apple Wallet" - yet another technical peculiarity related to the conflict between USA and Canadian residency).  Finally we clarified a trifling matter which was of bureaucratic importance only; namely, the bank's choice of the primary account holder number in lieu of the co-owner account number for the general identification of the web site.

We were naturally much relieved to have these business matters taken care of.  A mere 24 hours ago we were very much less enthusiastic about our dealings with these issues.  It was therefore with a spring in our collective step that we set off upon the completion of our retail obligations.  The drive to Target went quite smoothly considering that it's the final Friday of "Bike Week" on Daytona Beach and the weather was cooperating with many of the half-million motorcyclists who have frequented the area.   Similarly our return to Daytona Beach Shores (again, along the so-called "back roads" rather than the popular routes to Daytona Beach) was predominanty effortless.  We were in and out of the grocery store in mere minutes.

After unpacking our goods and re-installing the grocery cart in the garage, I headed directly to the pool where I immediately lay upon a chaise longue in the hot late afternoon sun.  There is a gathering in the Club Room this evening to celebrate St. Patrick's Day but we have as usual decided that we can bear the deprivation (even though we have been invited to join the crowd on more than one occasion).

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