Saturday, March 31, 2018

Evening Walk on the Beach

Since the alteration to Daylight Savings Time we have cultivated the very agreeable habit of a post-dinner walk.  I can't honestly say that an evening walk is of the same invigorating nature as a morning walk but the views on the Gulf Coast in the evening are undeniably alluring (because the sun sets over the sea). Invariably upon our arrival on the beach we discover several abandoned collapsible beach chairs which the staff have yet to collect and secrete for the night.  These afford us a convenient perch for lingering on the shore, gossiping between ourselves, rejoicing in the events of the day and watching the family and young lovers traipsing about in the sunset.

I forever imagine that the distant sun extends to the other side of the planet - so vast is the appearance. I am just short of seeing red sails in the sunset, so magical is the sight. I find it impossible to avoid being romantic about the spectacle.  The surreal scene prompts me to wax philosophic not only about the end of the day in general but also about the end of my life in particular.  Hopefully both will renew tomorrow!  But it does not stop me from being reflective and somewhat robust.  As I have so often repeated, life owes me nothing!  If it helps me to enjoy life by appreciating its ephemeral nature, then that is precisely what I shall do.  I confess it also legitimizes some of my more poignant personal indulgences - pragmatism is not after all a one-way street!

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