Thursday, March 29, 2018

Longboat Key on the Gulf of Mexico

There was considerable excitement coursing through our veins early this morning as we concluded the final steps in our departure from Daytona Beach Shores.  At three o'clock this morning we had both awoken and resolved to lull ourselves back to sleep with a cup of coffee and some E. F. Benson. At seven o'clock we restored our nutritional strength by going to the Cracked Egg for a final mess of bacon, signature sausage patties, eggs and tomatoe slices. Then after breakfast in addition to having a few remaining things to pack in the car, we felt obliged to attend upon the condominium concierge to hand over the keys, fobs and garage door opener.  We notified our estate agent upon completion of that particular duty.  There were some kind things shared by us and other residents as we set about leaving.  But once we were in the car and on our way westward along International Speedway in Daytona Beach headed for Longboat Key, our relief was palpable.

The drive on Highway No. 4 across the peninsula is a stark reminder that Florida is really just one big sand bar; and that apart from the Atlantic Ocean,  Gulf Coast and the Keys there isn't much compelling about anything in between.  But the moment we descended into Sarasota the atmosphere instantly improved.  Quite honestly we felt that we were home once again!  Our spirits measurably rose.  Knowing as we do the broad environment here we speedily concluded our check-in at The Resort at Longboat Key Club and dutifully headed to Publix to gather our provisions for meals over the next several days.  Our suite has a galley kitchen. We intend to dine out at least one evening; but by and large we prefer to make our own meals, especially breakfast (which for me includes green tea, slices of fresh Navel oranges, English muffins lathered with freshly ground peanut butter, egg and veggies and smoked salmon).  We plan to enjoy this matutinal ceremony on our balcony which fronts the golf course.

Before settling for the evening I had to make a short visit to the beach, to remind myself why it is we adore this place and to gaze at the emerald green water of the Gulf of Mexico.  It proved to be every bit as enchanting as I recall.  I readily succumbed to lounging for a half-hour overlooking the shore.

The temperature today was 83℉, perfectly clear sky, slight wind.  It was the sacrament of heaven to be sure!  Our evening meal was equally satisfying and now we can welcome the prospect of a good night's rest and absolutely nothing to do for the next five days!

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