Thursday, March 15, 2018


Each morning I repeat what I have been doing since the beginning of the month.  Though it isn't perhaps a compliment to say so, I have an eye on the time that remains here on Daytona Beach Shores. My focus is two-fold; one, I am counting the days until our return to Canada; and two, I am hopeful that by the end of the month I will have recovered sufficiently from my broken ribs and collapsed lung to enable me to withstand the drive home.  When I first get out of bed in the morning my abdomen is somewhat stiff from the night's repose.  But after I have taken a walk on the beach (a one mile jaunt to the lifeguard stand at Dunlawton Avenue and back) I usually feel marginally more limber. Then I reward myself by lying on a chaise longue by the pool - where I frequently doze for at least an hour.  It helps naturally that the skies have been crystal clear for the last week or so even though the temperatures have been uncommonly cool.

We spent a good deal of the early afternoon fighting with a bank concerning new credit cards.  The bank botched the thing first by sending the cards to Canada rather than to Florida; then apparently the main card was mistakenly cancelled even after two new ones were sent to us here by courier.  We were unable to enroll the cards on-line; and we haven't yet figured out how we can pay our credit card accounts on-line.  We have involved two bankers in Florida to address these problems; and it is already apparent that they are extremely anxious to discover the source of the dilemmas and to correct the numerous errors which have transpired.  It all left us feeling very unhappy about the bank and their service.

The good news is that clear skies are forecast for the next two days and temperatures are to climb to 81℉.  As we approach the end of the month I can see my upcoming remaining commitments here - which include a hair cut, mani and pedi.  Packing the car should not be a grievous problem because we'll soon begin to store unneeded items in the trunk.

In the midde of the night last night I decided I wanted to learn how to operate my video camera.  I was miraculously able to acquaint myself with most of what I need to know.  This morning I took a number of videos on the beach and by the pool.  I then posted them on You Tube.

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