Friday, March 23, 2018

New Smyrna Beach, FL

New Smyrna Beach (pronounced by the locals "Sa-Mer-Na" not "Smer-Na") is a small beach town south of Daytona Beach Shores.  Since our arrival on Daytona Beach Shores we have been inquisitive to know more about New Smyrna Beach.  Several people whom we've encountered during the past five months have raved about the place. Whenever I bicycled to Ponce Inlet (which is at the end of the peninsula of which Daytona Beach Shores is a part) I could see New Smyrna Beach on the opposite side of the intracoastal waterway that rounded the butt of the barrier island and joined the Halifax River which effectively separates Daytona Beach Shores from the mainland.

If the frozen truth be confessed we're presently at a loss to divert ourselves. Primarily the shift is because I am no longer comfortable riding a bicycle.  In fact I no longer have a bicycle.  The contraption I formerly used before my "accident" is now in a rubbish heap.  I understand the wheels wobble dangerously.  Second, even though we walk a mile on the beach every morning, this is comparativey short work.  Invariably I lounge by the pool afterwards; but the entire production lasts a mere 90 minutes on average.  As a result we proposed a small outing today in the car, just to give us something to do, something which wouldn't involve buying more stuff we don't need or having to exercise more than we had already done (swimming for example is right out for me for at least another two weeks).

Because we had recently driven northward to Flagler Beach we decided to drive southward today.  As always we prefer driving on A1A which is variously referred to Atlantic Boulevard because it borders the Ocean.  Naturally within the confines of the barrier islands it is not uncommon to encounter a sign on the road warning "No exit to mainland".  This means one must ensure to have driven across a bridge from the barrier island to the mainland to adjoin the extensions of A1A.  Knowing as we did that from Daytona Beach Shores, the nearest route to A1A was along S Ridgewood Avenue along Route 1 (which I suspect was the precursor to Interstate 95), we traveled along that road until we entered New Smyrna Beach (still part of Volusia County which embraces Daytona Beach Shores and Daytona Beach).  There we took a sharp left and followed the signs "Beach".  Within moments we were slowly proceeding along what we imagined to be the main business street of Smyrna Beach.  It was reminiscent of Key West - narrow, old construction, galleries, coffee shops and outdoor restaurants (where numerous people were gathered on this sunny, warm day).  The surrounding residential area along the beachfront was upscale and architecturally pleasing.  There was a distinct lack of commercialism and urbanity compared to Daytona Beach.  However it was also obvious that one would have to travel a distance to find certain stores - like grocery stores, car dealers, dentists, hair salons, etc.

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