Saturday, February 16, 2019

Beach and Sea

Not much later than 11:30 am this morning I trotted down to the beach and positioned myself on a chaise longue for what I hoped would be several hours at least. The weather forecast was for clouds by mid-afternoon.  While that prediction proved to be correct, the volatility of the weather was such that the clouds came and went throughout the day. Meanwhile I contented myself to doze in the sun then later interrupted myself to walk upon the shore to Beaches condominiums and back; and also to swim in the sea, both in front of Beaches (where the water is deeper at the shore) and in front of our own condominium (where we have a sandbar nearby the shore). There was a very noticeable wind from the south, creating a decidedly maritime overture.  The sea was more violent than normal - large waves which slapped and dashed upon the shore, sometimes bringing collections of fresh seaweed which disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. The frothing white waves afforded a handsome contrast with the green water and taupe sand.

My custom of cycling is on hold until my flat tire is repaired. As much as I adore bicycling I have discovered that my abhorrence of walking is not as avid as I had thought; and that the effect upon my knees and lower spine is more improving than I might have reckoned.  Walking also satisfies my vanity my permitting me to tan my backside without having to suffer the discomfort of lying face-down on the chaise longue. The tanning business is unquestionably part of my agenda.  The experience here is remotely reminiscent of the month I spent on the Mediterranean years ago, baking myself into a remarkable dark brown colour.  Then I used Sea & Ski suntan lotion (the stuff in the lime green plastic container).  Here I am using Neutrogena sunscreen but only on my face to prevent me from flaking like a piece of dried cement.  It works surprisingly well. I am slowly turning myself into a worn leather bag. Not that it matters.  The days of my youth are patently gone forever but I still amuse myself to cultivate a tan.

Sea & Ski has been owned by a succession of owners. It was invented by Charles Rolley who lived in Reno and had quite a colorful life, Time magazine calling him a “kinetic promoter.” Rolley sold it to Botany Industries in 1955. Time magazine said in 1961 that it was the nation’s biggest maker of suntan lotion (its dollar-green Sea and Ski grosses some $12 million a year).

On my way to the beach this morning I chatted at the rear door with a resident who told me of an arrangement she and her husband have for boating along the Gulf Coast.  Basically it is like time-share for boats, providing the convenience of accessibility without the necessity of maintenance and mooring. I understand one can secure everything from a sailboat to a yacht to a pontoon boat. I forgot to enquire whether - as in Ontario - boaters are required by law to have a boating licence.

Activity on the beach picked up today, likely as a result of the pending long-weekend.  There were more young people - probably children of children of residents.

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