Monday, February 25, 2019

Cycling on Key West

My fondest recollections of Key West involve touring about the island, something I began about 40 years ago by foot or bicycle - and, if I am to be completely honest, occasionally by crawling homeward in the early hours of the morning. Those days of indulgence have long gone.  Now my delight is bicycling along the coast (South Roosevelt Boulevard) from Casa Marina to the bridge near Thompson Island. The sidewalk is wide enough for both bikes and pedestrians; and the sunshine is interminable!

The young chap we dealt with at the hotel to rent our bikes had unusually clear eyes. This led me to believe he is a clean-living, hard-working fellow (not exactly what I might have expected from a youth in Key West). Like all the other staff at the hotel he was accommodating and pleasant.

After my jaunt on the bicycle (about 2 hours from beginning to end) I parked myself on a chaise longue on the beach nearby the hotel pool. I tried walking into the sea but the coral reef was more pronounced underfoot than I preferred so I relented by swimming in the pool instead.

I knew when I had completed my initial bike ride that there was not going to be another.  So I returned the bike to rental office and convinced myself I would spend my time the following day lying in the sun.

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