Monday, February 18, 2019

Foggy Day on Longboat Key

Today is President's Day in the United States of America.  Other than hoping to hear from Charlie about the return of my bicycle (which by the way I have not) I hadn't anything else planned.  Normally this would not have been an issue of any proportion except that the weather began very uncertainly this morning - a questionable outlook of clouds and only possible improvement by late afternoon. Soon after my breakfast the atmosphere started to look overwhelmingly foggy. I hastened to the beach to capture photos of the singular event.

I was alone on the beach. As I lay on my chaise longue the sun laboured to shine through the fog and the scattered clouds.  Incrementally the heat of the sun partially evaporated the fog. Before the fog completely dissipated I walked along the shore. The colour combination of sea, sand and fog was spectacular! In addition the waves today were roaring, creating a scene nearby and further outward of mounting green curls followed by pounding surf. Later I attempted to swim in the sea but I was cautious about being too adventurous because the magnetism of the surf was inarguable. More than once I was tossed from one side to another; and once uncomfortably pulled into deeper water.

Following these interludes of walking and swimming - both north and south - I recovered my chaise longue and permitted myself to drift into idle recollections and ruminations. My latest conceptual achievement is the reduction of my entire life to ten primary periods - from childhood innocence to adult career - the conclusion of which is a metaphorical springboard into the final drama uninventively called retirement. For the record I am obliged to account this declension as the supreme delight of my life. My only regret is that each day must end. My resource of stimulation is otherwise seemingly endless. I say this in complete and perfect seriousness. Only yesterday I chatted with a resident on the beach about the attraction of various places throughout the world (including Asia, Africa, Italy and so on) and we both agreed that we have here an ideal environment - even to the point of distinguishing nearby venues such as the east coast of Florida. It reminded me that I have within my arsenal of comparatives the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera, the Costa Brava, Sardinia, the Caribbean, some of the Pacific Ocean off Mexico and California and of course the Atlantic Ocean coast from Nova Scotia through Hilton Head Island to Fort Lauderdale.

What attracts me in particular to Longboat Key is its obvious tranquillity and almost complete separation from urbanity. While it is a stretch of the imagination to call it my Villa San Michele I am nonetheless of that committed disposition.  It requires little enthusiasm or philosophic gymnastics to promote my 10' dive from the pinnacle of my career!

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