Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sun, Sand and Sea

After my coiffe at 9:30 am this morning we drove to S Pineapple Avenue in Sarasota and met with our banker at BMO Harris. Walking back to the car we dipped into Bowman Originals Handmade Jewelry and were treated to an edifying half-hour with the proprietor Mr. Ned Bowman.

"Bowman Original's head designer Ned Bowman lives, breaths and dreams jewelry.Ned was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1955. As a young man Ned accompanied his parents on frequent antique shopping trips to the French Quarter of New Orleans. During these trips Ned was exposed to fine antique jewelry. In particular, Mrs. Greenblatt of Rothchild's Antiques on Royal Street spent time with Ned showing him finely crafted jewelry pieces from the past. This introduction triggered Ned's lifelong fascination with jewelry."

Downtown Sarasota is charming.  Mr. Bowman echoed my passion for the preservation of the old buildings which currently occupy much of the central core. As I mentioned to him the ambience is reminiscent of Sussex Drive in Ottawa - historic, classic and high-end.

Not to be overtaken by Sarasota - admittedly an enormous temptation - we headed to our island retreat on Longboat Key where I hastily prepared myself for the beach. I had as speedily abandoned the necessity to go bicycling, reasoning instead that I needed a day off. The temperature today approached 76℉ under a mostly cloudless sky, ideal weather. To my surprise the beach furniture was almost entirely unoccupied. There were others sunbathing nearby but they must have come from Country Club Shores across Gulf of Mexico Drive since they had brought their own beach chairs.

After reclining in my chaise longue for an hour or more I ventured a swim in the sea.  The Sacrament of Heaven!  The water was clear - though somewhat contaminated with tiny collections of emerald green seaweed (the appearance of which later vanished) - and the water was sufficiently warm especially just below the surface.  It was in any event beautifully refreshing and I experienced no discomfort staying in the water as long as I wished. I ended returning for another swim about half an hour later. The other sunbathers on the beach were by comparison positively pusillanimous, none of whom got even close to the water's edge.

As the temperatures continue to climb on a daily basis, so too our sojourn here on Longboat Key is on the downhill slant. We have yet to complete our scheduled jaunt to Key West but by then we'll begin contemplating our return to Canada for the summer including our planned trip to Nova Scotia. In the meantime I relish the advent of the warmer weather and intend to spend every moment possible lying in the sun and swimming in the sea. That and the powdery silver sand make for a very agreeable fortune, one to which I have at last entirely succumbed without prevarication. Evidently my descent into retirement and advancing old age in now complete! Soon I shall go to funerals with gusto!

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