Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Last day spree on The Key

We ended dining at the hotel on our last night.  This is undeniably convenient. Our server (a young woman of obvious intelligence) is living in Key West with her naval boyfriend.  She told us her mother is pushing her to get married to the chap as soon as possible but clearly she is not to be pushed.

I began my day with a massage at the hotel spa called Spa al Maré.  It is run by a woman from northern Italy. She was very agreeable and highly professional.  The spa itself is well appointed.  I ended my treatment by purchasing some CBD massage oil (Da Crema Botanicals) which we subsequently tried several times at day's end with moderate advantage.

Lingering on the hotel grounds for the entire day was a pleasing affair.  I roasted in the sun by the pool a good deal of the time. I amused myself by listening to the conversations of those about me.  The New Yorkers tend to be among the most vocal and the loudest, seemingly unabashed about saying anything, no matter how apparently personal or invasive.

I deduced from my analysis that the community consisted of those who had breeding and money; those who pretended to have both (but did not); and those who had no intention of being anyone or anything other than themselves.  Most people were middle-aged or older; far fewer were in their twenties.

I never tire of admiring the views from the hotel grounds onto the Gulf of Mexico.  The hotel itself is somewhat shabby, certainly not modern.  The Casa Marina has been around as long as I can remember - for the past 40 years and likely 40 years before that. Its days of grandeur have however begun to fade.  We're not intent upon returning.

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