Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Sacrament of Heaven

The day began enthusiastically. Through the partially closed vertical blinds in my bedroom the brilliance of a sunny day was evident. It required little effort to confront the early-morning arthritic obduracy and to withdraw from my cosy lair. With uncommon grace I completed my morning ablutions and shortly was in the kitchen composing my breakfast of cut fruit, black coffee and steamy oatmeal. This and honeycomb with walnuts completed my introduction to the day. Soon I was on my bicycle in the warm, clear air.

It was an effortless ride to Bayfront Park. I postponed my customary repose there and proceeded another mile to Block 5000 where I enquired at the nearby bike shop whether the proprietor would store my bicycle during the summer.  He was not so inclined, citing the high cost of rental space for his own business articles. I insisted upon paying him but clearly the proposal was already defeated. No matter. I have settled to leave the bike in its usual place at the condominium, accepting its possible abandonment or removal during the six-month hiatus.

I refused to allow this wrinkle in my private ambitions to interrupt the perfection of the day. In fact I enlarged the buoyancy by distancing myself generally from awkward circumstances, those situations which I have historically found perverse. Clearly there are advantages to advancing age. I nonetheless remain cautious about condemning the source of my diversion.  It is better to adjudge the situation uncomfortable without the necessity of allegation.

Soon afterwards I was asleep on the chaise longue overlooking the sea. I acknowledge this rapturous situation cannot last forever. There is however no point in imaging the extent or nature of the rude awakening.

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