Sunday, February 17, 2019

Beach Day

Today is Sunday, the traditional day of pause.  I knew from my not infrequent examinations of the forecast last evening - and on several occasions throughout the night - that the weather was predicted to be especially fine today. It was. Through the partially open vertical blinds in my bedroom I clearly discerned the mounting sunshine and blue sky. My philosophic purpose overtook me. Mere minutes prior to eight o'clock - just seconds before the day was irretrievably lost to indolence - I levered myself from under the duvet and commenced my customary matutinal duties. Admittedly it was a performance by rote and at times painful (before the 2 X 650 mg Tylenol Arthritis 8 HR Pain kick in). As I had resolved in the middle of the night (one of many things, frankly) I altered my breakfast routine of steel-cut oats to clear from the refrigerator two remaining eggs which I served with American cheese and salmons. The concoction sounds awful I know but it was actually quite palatable - either that or there is nothing an appetite won't cure. I am however learning that novelty is an annoyance because I end up having more food than I can reasonably consume and besides I prefer my standard fare both in the morning and in the evening. For dinner for example I have mistakenly bought prepared foods which don't begin to compete with unadulterated fresh salmon filets, raw vegetables and lemon juice.

Being as I was relieved today of the privilege of riding my bicycle (while I await its repair with highly reasoned patience) and because I didn't want to miss a moment of the radiating sunshine, I consumed my breakfast, drank my coffee and set aside my iPad with its current literary diversion (Essay and Tales by Joseph Addison, Cassell & Company, Limited: London, Paris, New York & Melbourne 1888).  Shortly I was on the beach surveying the collection of beach chairs and umbrellas. It was still early enough that there were only two others who competed for positions. I chose the far right (north) end - primarily so I could conveniently take my one chaise longue without contaminating the use of others (and the umbrella - which I never use) nearby.

Given that I had to prop the chaise longue parallel to the shore in order to align directly with the rising sun, it was far earlier than I am normally there. There was a strong wind which meant it was moderately cool when prone on the chaise longue. As I had anticipated however the temperature rose quickly as the sun rose in the sky.  And not long afterwards I was rotating the chaise longue more towards the crashing sea. Indeed the sea was turbulent - as I later discovered when I went for a swim. The waves were above 2' and the sway of them manipulated me smartly. But the colours were magnificent - frothing white foam, emerald green water and taupe sand - all glittering under the dazzling sunshine. That and the wind made for the perfect beach day!

My first walk along the beach led me to the distant pier which I have noticed previously but at an extent to which I have never before ventured. I won't say that my back or knees were entirely cooperative but I plod along as best I could, hopefully without the appearance of a completely decrepit old fogey. It is so natural to lapse into that ignorance of old age which presumes it is an affliction affecting everyone other than oneself! There are so many ancient people in this vicinity that almost any degeneration is tolerated.

This is a holiday weekend. President's Day on Monday, February 18th.

George Washington 1st President, Thomas Jefferson 3rd President, Theodore Roosevelt 26th President, Abraham Lincoln 16th President

There were more young people on the beach.  Some ventured into the sea - at least that is as far as up to their waist. I didn't see any swimming among the strong waves. Their appearance did nonetheless encourage me in my own ambition. Throughout the day today I was in and out of the sea at least five times. Whenever I returned to shore - blissfully salted - and threw myself upon the chaise longue it was a delight of exhaustion and relaxation! On one occasion - after having unceremoniously endured the forceful waves - my heart was beating rather wildly.  Not certain whether it activated the pacemaker.

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