Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Windy Beach Day

The weather forecast on Longboat Key is not reliable.  The atmosphere can change in an instant - which is to say that the weather can be unpredictably bad or unpredictably good. This morning we escaped an anticipated rain storm which is now forecast to occur later this evening and into tomorrow morning. Not knowing what to expect when I began my ritual bicycle ride this morning I decided to alter my accustomed route by going instead to nearby Lido Key Beach - just over the bridge from Longboat Key to Sarasota. I was as well feeling the need for a small change in my regular habits.  It turned out not only that the weather was unexpectedly cooperative but also that the diversion was uncommonly sweet. It was an uplifting start to the day which had already begun pleasingly enough with a purifying bit of laundry while putting on the morning nosebag of sliced green apple, steel cut oats with raisins, black coffee, honeycomb and walnuts. If it is true that you are what you eat - as I believe it is -  then I was feeling singularly healthful. It no doubt helped that I had had a good night's sleep devoid of any variety of disturbances to which I so frequently succumb in my admittedly besetting manner.

Lido Key Beach is a public beach - and there are related public facilities en route including a swimming pool - but the environment is parochial as the beach, surrounding residences and resorts are secluded from the nearby urban district of Sarasota. It is a venue which must be sought out as it is not along a common thoroughfare.  As a result it is agreeable for leisurely bicycle riding.

The first view of the water when coming across the bridge from Longboat Key gives a hint of the natural state which is located immediately to the right.  This inlet rapidly extends into the Gulf of Mexico where the beach is located.

I didn't linger on Lido Key. The sky was cloudless and I wanted to capitalize upon the opportunity to absorb the sunshine before the weather made urgent alteration.  Accordingly I headed back to Longboat Key and soon stationed myself on the beach overlooking the sea.  The sun was blazing but the wind made it very comfortable. Not long into my sunbathing I resolved to walk along the beach toward the Beaches condominiums which immediately follow the multi-million dollar private residences on Regent Court.

I pondered that if I were to win the lottery I would consider buying a condominium at the Beaches.  I like the architecture in addition to the slightly hilly bearing of the place.

For the time being however the location was sufficiently far from my chaise longue that I had expiated my guilt of idle sun bathing.  When walking there and back I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the aquamarine water and the chorus of crashing, frothing waves which roared upon the pristine beach beneath my feet. I later swam in the sea.  There was no evidence of any cow nosed sting rays today - as there had been yesterday and the day before. The water was clear enough to see to the bottom.

The undeniable pleasure was but a preamble to my determination over the past several weeks to rise from the basement of the past and climb over its wall to the present. By a tedious process of recollection I have lately revisited the entirety of my existence (in a summary way naturally) from childhood to the time of entering into the world of my private and public avocations.  This gathering of memories was sufficient to familiarize myself with all that I have done and to permit me to advance afresh to an absorption in the present only.

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