Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Key Largo

Ask anyone and they'll tell you that half the fun of going down the Florida Keys is the view from the Overseas Highway (or A1A as it is also known). We had the added thrill of going back up the Keys to Key Largo, effectively the first of the Keys after one leaves Miami or the mainland generally.  It is about a 2½ hour trip from Key West to Key Largo.

We stopped along the way to get a closer look at the old railway which originally ran from the mainland to Key West. From the high ground we could enjoy the marvellous emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Apart getting into the Playa Largo Resort I immediately hopped onto a bicycle and cycled about six miles to get a glimpse of Key Largo. The best part for me was having the sun at my bike initially and afterwards in my face. I finished the exercise by swimming in the sea - which was like a huge swimming pool, perfectly placid water and relatively shallow for a considerable distance from shore.

We dined in the hotel at a restaurant located a storey above ground, affording a spectacular view of the Gulf and the sunset.

I was told the hotel started about two years ago.  The staff continues to adopt an almost aggressive friendliness which at times I found rather disruptive - and merely mercenary. To their credit however the staff are obviously committed to doing a good job.  I in fact went out of my way to communicate my gratitude to our housekeeper who had clearly been uncommonly attentive.

The servers at table - both breakfast and dinner - were excellent.

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