Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ice Cream Surf

A strong easterly wind rolled the powerful waves northward along the shore today. While swimming I don't believe there was a rip current at play but I wasn't taking chances by venturing too far beyond the incoming crests. Clearly I was being carried along by the force of the sea as I swam, soon finding myself well beyond my starting point. When later I casually walked upon the shore the fierceness of the waves created an accumulation of frothing surf like ice cream upon the beach.

The wind, the sun and the sea made for an unimaginably pleasing experience. As we approach the anniversary of our consortium I find myself recalling the times years ago when a trip to Key West in the winter was the height of anticipation. Though we haven't diminished the thrill of the place, its visitation is now more in the nature of a diversion from the February doldrums. It is also occasion for me to contemplate the composition of a panegyric for the person with whom I have ungrudgingly spent the past twenty-three years of my life.

"A faithful friend is a strong defence; and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure.  Nothing doth countervail a faithful friend, and his excellency is unvaluable.  A faithful friend is the medicine of life."

Addison, Joseph. “Essays and Tales"

It is on first analysis improper that the foundation of a compliment should be that the person being praised unfailingly supports the commentator - but such is the nature of fraternity! I would be remiss not to acknowledge the infinite number of times I have felt the strength of companionship and reinforcement. Though we won't be celebrating with either frozen vodka martinis or fine Cuban cigars, we're nonetheless able to brook the deprivation! In an unanticipated concession to healthfulness, nephalism and old age generally we've both descended into the vagaries of vegetarianism. Quite honestly the circumscription has only widened our seemingly endless pleasures.  Though it smacks of accommodation, I willingly delight in what we have - something I hardly consider an accession of any order but rather a recognition and endorsement of our very fortunate daily agenda. By design we have curtailed the scope of our indulgences on every level - only to succeed to a fortuitous elevation of refinement.  Like the weather today it is hard not to be boastful about the depth of enchantment.

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