Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I couldn’t have been more superfluous...

I couldn’t have been more superfluous no matter how I tried
The morning, afternoon and sun were really in my stride
Today is tomorrow in Wellington, the egrets don't give a damn
After lounging for hours under the splendid sky, I bathed in the pool and swam!

I'm happily redundant and unjustified, these pleasures my wanton bliss
A profligate degenerate, the useless parts will hardly be amiss
In the awesome time I smugly linger like dinner by the sea
The palms and music, the espresso cup - a sacrament for me!

My complete lack of purpose today was enervating. But what a rhapsodic dalliance! Where was the necessity? Where was the need? I initiated my morning cycle in the reclining chair, closing my eyes, drifting into darkness, contemplating my contemplation. At last I grasped the enthusiasm to continue doing nothing while riding my bicycle. The euphoria was so manifest.  It erased any resolution or revolution. The wind was pleasant, the sea-level motion unobtrusive, the want of ambition propelled me up and down the Country Club Lanes to the sea and back, a cycle of ecstasy.

On the other side of the boat slip a family gathers on the lawn overlooking Sarasota Bay.  It must be a Thanksgiving congregation. Their chatter and ejaculations mingle with the tossing fronds of the palms and the pelicans.

I have already prepared my evening meal, a mountain of chopped raw vegetables cluttered with premium cheddar cheese, Fleur de Sel and extra virgin olive oil. A shard of chilled salmon.

The nautical texture of the island is pervasive.

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