Sunday, November 10, 2019

News from abroad...

Thanks again Bill!

Sounds (and looks) like an awesome bicycle ride. Seems like your weather is cooperating, much more so than ours. Your photos are amazing as always and we thoroughly enjoy the scenery.

Our backyard pond dried up/froze over, then we had one small dumping of snow, perhaps 5cm. It is gone now and we await a low pressure system packed with moisture and cold arctic air expected to arrive tomorrow, and last into Tuesday.

Our local High School football team has done quite well again this year, and we (or possibly I only) will be braving the elements tomorrow, mainly to cheer on our nephew and a few of my judo students. Should we be victorious in this match, the finals will be played late in the week. We could be contending with some real harsh winter conditions by that point in time.

With this sudden onset of winter (and associated salting of roads), I have now parked our RV for the season, and in all probability the motorcycle as well. Transportation reverts solely to our little Toyota - to which I provided a liberal spray of undercoating only weeks ago.

Tomorrow includes a call to Scheels of Pakenham for replacement of a rather old fridge of ours which passed away mid last week. Scheels received the nod as a similar fate was dealt our freezer just months ago - and Scheels rose to the occasion. We still consider this as a local purchase, and are happy to have avoided Home Depot and others who flatly refuse to stock these items. All large ticket purchases from the Box stores now seem to carry at least a one week wait time, and inability to see/touch the unit until it arrives.

We enjoyed a busy weekend, and our calendar suggests a very busy week ahead, combined with likely weather challenges.

We're thinking of you and Denis, and living vicariously as we are able.

G & V

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