Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tiptoe through the tulips!

The steady dedication to one's personal preferences has long been recited with cautionary reservation. The risk of disclosing or exposing oneself to the potential humiliation or narrowness of such privacy invariably predominates. The enterprise has as well an undeniable element of isolationism which admittedly conflicts with normal social interaction. By contrast the well known source of Tiny Tim's rendition of the idiosyncratic adventure involves another, to all appearances a romantic liaison, though it hardly detracts from the indisputable peculiarity of the undertaking.

And if I kiss you in the garden
In the moonlight, will you pardon me?
And tip-toe through the tulips with me

Songwriter:  Al Dubin/Joseph A. Burke

The droll persuasion of individuality is not uncommonly subject to harsh observation, the sobering realization that mediocrity is far more powerful than whatever it is that propels those on the periphery.

"It's funny until someone taps on your window at 3am or the 3rd floor."

The eureka is the discovery that on balance the distraction of one is more sustainable than the frustration of the other. This summary neatly captures the two imperatives: want and won't; that is, what I want to do and what I won't do.  Importantly the two require equal suppleness. Removing oneself from obligation is not a simple ambition. Too often it is attended by not only benefitting calculation but also enervative anger. The pragmatic element is a rational feature effectively surmounted by emotion.  But anger seethes with vitriol and heartfelt conviction. It requires the admission that no amount of reason will satisfy the conflict.  Not only is it best to put the entire matter aside; it also eliminates the vexation and bitterness. If there is any cerebral character to the decision it is this - some things defy logic.  There is also a real possibility that others suffer the same incompatibility and incongruence as do we. Until the day arrives that the Universe revolves about us, we should continue to revolve around it, colliding as we must with whatever ensues. This unparalleled assertion of inevitability doesn't remove us from our personal endurance of what transpires.

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